Travel and kommunication gives you tips on different ways to travel to and from Lofoten.

You can arrive in Lofoten by car, plane, ferry, Hurtigruten and speedboat. Lofoten has a mainland connection via Lofast (E10), but if you come by car from the south via E6, you are dependent on the ferry, either Bognes-Lødingen (1h) or Bodø-Moskenes (3h 15min).

The outermost islands in Lofoten, Værøy and Røst, do not have a mainland connection, but they do have a ferry connection to Bodø and Moskenes. Røst has an air connection (via Bodø and Leknes) and Værøy helicopter connection from Bodø. Lofoten does not have its own large airport, but has large aircraft communication via Evenes and Bodø. From Evenes it is approx. 2.5 hour drive to Svolvær. In Lofoten there are small airports in Svolvær, Leknes and Røst, with daily departures and arrivals from Bodø.