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Adventure Yacht Company

We at the Adventure Yacht Company have sailed tours and expeditions to our planets most remote polar regions. We offer 7 day trips to our favourite locations along the Lofoten peninsula onboard the legendary 75 ft expedition schooner Abel Tasman!

Sail and Explore – 7 days – up to 7 guests

Our Sail and Explore trips are all about the exclusive natural experiences the Lofoten archipelago has on offer when approached from the sea. From the Abel Tasman we reach inaccessible fjords and islands, getting the privilege to see some of Lofotens rarely visited gems. We also mix the week up with stops at some of Lofotens relaxed fishing villages.

Our exact itinerary is always flexible to weather conditions, but here are some of our most common destinations:

  • Værøy
    Værøy has been voted among the 5 most beautiful islands on the planet, and is one of our favourite destinations in good weather. From our anchorage we have the possibility to explore the islands inaccessible western side.
  • The Lonkan Fjord
    This is a fjord in the Møysalen national park only accessible by boat or a days hike. It’s surrounded by the highest mountains in the Lofoten area offering some adventurous hikes.
  • The “outer side” of Lofoten
    The North Western coast of Lofoten is referred to as the peninsulas “wild” side. Sailing here can be an interesting experience as you are exposed to the entire Norwegian Sea, but in fair weather we can access some of Lofoten’s most beautiful and remote beaches and anchorages.
  • Nusfjord
    This is Lofoten’s oldest active fishing village and located in an impressive fjord.
  • Reine
    Reine is a classical stop with some of Lofoten’s most dramatic sceneries. Here we usually go fishing and hike to the Bunes beach for a “Midnight sun sunset” barbecue.
  • Henningsvær
    This is Lofoten’s most famous fishing village. It is a great place to finish the week in a relaxed way and enjoy dinner at a restaurant.

Between our stops we usually sail 2 – 6 hours at least 3 days during the week. We always try minimise motoring and enjoy the thrill of sailing the Abel Tasman. With her 27.5 meter high schooner rigging she can cruise at speeds up to 12 knots. Onboard you will be more than welcome to be part of the crew, learning about sailing and assisting in the operation of the yacht.

For more information about the Sail and Explore trip see our website!

Sail and Science – 7 days – up to 7 guests

Our Sail and Science trips take the best experiences from our Explore trips but with an integrated “Science program”. This program is created by crew and climate physics students Isak and Alex Rockström in collaboration with Keith Tuffley at The Adventure Yacht Company, and with professors and fellow students at the University of Bergen. The program consists of presentations, discussions and activities and aims at creating an engaging learning experience connected to the nature we sail through. By the end of the trip we hope to have given you a better understanding of our planets climate systems as well as the tools to better navigate the complex world of climate science in politics, news and everyday choices.

For more information about the Sail and Science trip see our website!

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