Travels and communication

Helikopter i Lofoten

There are several helicopter operators based in the cities surrounding the Lofoten Islands. All of them operate in Lofoten at customers’ request.

Ferger i Lofoten

Over the past few years a number of bridges and tunnels have been built and consequently the number of ferries has been reduced. There are, however, still several ferries between Lofoten and the mainland.

Bussruter Lofoten

There are daily scheduled bus services in Lofoten, both within each borough and also between the boroughs of Vågan, Vestvågøy, Flakstad, Moskenes, Hadsel, Lødingen, Evenes and Narvik. With a little planning, it is quite possible to tour Lofoten using only the public bus services.


One way of getting to and from Lofoten is by express passenger boat. Today, there is a county run service that ends up in Svolvær. It runs from Bodø via Steigen and Hamarøy to Svolvær.

Charterbåt i Lofoten

There are a number of companies in Lofoten that operate charter services at sea.