Lorchstua and Akevittloftet

Lorchstua og Akevittloftet - Kabelvåg Lorchstua og Akevittloftet - Kabelvåg

At Lorchstua, the best Lofoten can offer is served.
The kitchen is the domain of Ove Vollan and Tor Erling Dreyer, the cooks. Along with the "herb queen", Judith van Koesveld, they add spirituality by conjuring up new flavours from local ingredients. Children's menu is half of the adult's one - and kids love it.

Nature in Lofoten is unique and beautiful. Raw materials harvested here are full of wonderful flavours. We have fresh cod, halibut, redfish, Arctic char, whale and shellfish from the sea outside the window. Kippers, boknafisk (a type of stockfish) and Finnan haddies hang on racks or drying-hurdles across the whole Lofoten. Lambs find their fodder in the hay behind the hotel. The soil is the growing place of the North-Norwegian potato Gulløye, plenty of herbs and the tastiest berries in the world.

Opening hours and capacity
At Lorchstua, there is place for up to 78 persons. Between 1st June - 15th august, Nyvågar Rorbuhotell has open a la carte restaurant. In connection with the restaurant, the Lofoten lunch can be enjoyed at the cosy Kaikroa or out on the quay. Rest of the year, we are open on request from groups over 10 persons.

Lorchstua – Caspar Fredrik Lorch's cottage
The place where Nyvågar Rorbuhotell currently is was, in the beginning of the XIX century, a seat for squires. They dealt with trading of fish, accommodation in the form of fishing hut rental, and innkeeping. One of the squires was Caspar Fredrik Lorch. He founded the fine-looking main building in Storvågan where the Lofoten Museum is located today. Lorch came to power by marrying Randi Rønning, widow of the former squire Erik Rønning. The relationship began purely as commercial, but developed into something more soon. Caspar Fredrik Lorch was born in 1790 in Steigen, but grew up as foster son in Kjerringøy. The paternal kin Lorch were merchants in Trondheim, the maternal kin Klæboe - a powerful family in Helgeland. Lorch is referred to as a skilful and clever businessman.