Restaurants in Lofoten

Sted: Svolvær
Welcome to Lofoten and to our great restaurant Du Verden! Du Verden is an elegant and informal restaurant house on the harbor promenade in Svolvær. Our first floor restaurant focuses on the informal and rustic framed in exciting architecture. From…
Sted: Henningsvær
Lofoten's first fish restaurant Welcome to Fiskekrogen! Here you can enjoy the view of Henningsvær harbour and experience great culinary joy from the open kitchen. A visit here is suitable after a trip to the mountains or as part of…
After a stint at sea or a walk in our majestic scenery, we recommend a visit to our special eateries, Karoline Restaurant or Oriana Kro inn.
At the campsite at Sandsletta Camping, the local restaurant can offer a light lunch, a cup of coffee/tea.. freshly baked cake, or a good meal/dinner. Welcome to a great experience, a rest in the day..... to a place with soul.
Sted: Svolvær
Breakfast is served in Vestfjord Hotel’s restaurant, which overlooks Svolvær Harbour.
Sted: Svolvær
The most distinctive restaurant in the Lofoten Islands. We serve fresh, local ingredients!
At Lorchstua, the best Lofoten can offer is served.The kitchen is the domain of Ove Vollan and Tor Erling Dreyer, the cooks. Along with the "herb queen", Judith van Koesveld, they add spirituality by conjuring up new flavours from local…
Our restaurant is named "Den Blå Fisk" which translates to "The Blue Fish".
Sted: Reine
Welcome to Gammelbua, which was once the old general store in Reine, and dates back about 200 years.
Sted: Skrova
Welcome to Skrovabrygga - Enjoy good food and drinks on edge of the pier in Skrova Skrovabrygga is a restaurant, café, and pub situated on the small island Skrova half an hours ferry ride from Svolvær. The ferry from Skutvik…
Sted: Svolvær
Welcome to Ni Hao, where we're proud to serve you delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere, with a great view over Svolvær harbour.
Asian restaurant in the centrum of Leknes, Lofoten that offers delicious food and a superb atmosphere.

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