Klima i Lofoten

The entire Lofoten archipelago lies north of the Arctic Circle and is thus on a level with the vast masses of ice in Greenland and the barren tundra of Canada. In spite of this, the climate in Lofoten corresponds to that of a much more southerly position in Europe.

The reason why the whole area, or for that matter the whole of Norway, is not covered in ice, is the warm waters and mild climate conveyed by the Gulf Stream. In actual fact, Lofoten is one of the warmest areas in Norway when judging by average temperatures.

Meteorologists define winter as the time when day temperatures are below zero. Based on such a definition, there is actually no winter at all in Røst and Skomvær. In Værøy there are 26 winter days, in Reine 45, in Eggum 61 and in Svolvær 98.

Summer is defined as the time when day temperatures are over 10 degrees. Based on this, Røst has 73 days of summer. The further east we get, the milder it becomes, and in Svolvær, for instance, there are about 100 summer days.

In comparison, Oslo has about 120 winter days and 134 summer days.