Mørketid i Lofoten

The period of polar night occurs in winter north of the northern polar circle and south of the southern polar circle. During this period, the sun does not appear above the horizon.

The period of polar night is shortest near the polar circle and increases in duration the closer you get to the pole. It is longest at the pole itself, where it lasts for six months.

Many people believe that it is dark all day long during the dark season, but that is not so. Due to the twilight effect there is still a good deal of light during the day.

In fact, during the period of polar night you can still have wonderful experiences with light and colour. Vivid shades of red will often occur, reflected from the sun beneath the horizon, and the moonlight, too, will often create a unique atmosphere, not to mention the fascinating Northern Lights.

Where there is polar night during the winter, there is also midnight sun for an equivalent period of time during the summer.

In Lofoten, the period of polar night lasts from December 7 to January 6.