Strender i Lofoten

It may not be common knowledge, but Lofoten can offer not only some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but also some of the biggest.

From Svellingan in the east to Bunesstranda in the west, they turn up one after the other. Sometimes they are found along the roadside, like Rørvikstranda near Henningsvær, Kallestranda beneath Mount Vågakallen, Hauklandsstrand near Leknes and the white, crescent-shaped beach in Ramberg. And if you sail out among the skerries, you will find innumerable beaches of all shapes and sizes.

Too cold? Nope. In many people’s opinion, 13-18 degrees is the perfect temperature for bathing. Why not give it a try?

Hauklandsstrand near Leknes was voted Norway’s most beautiful beach by the readers of one of Norway’s national newspapers.