Species of Fish in Lofoten

See list of fish found in salt- and freshwater in Lofoten.

Dyr i Lofoten

There is a wealth of different animals in Lofoten.


In many places, the rise or fall of the tide may create rotating currents in the waters. Some of these develop a downward thrust and are called maelstroms.

The Gulf Stream is known as ”the source of heat that keeps us alive”.

Klima i Lofoten

The entire Lofoten archipelago lies north of the Arctic Circle and is thus on a level with the vast masses of ice in Greenland and the barren tundra of Canada.

The Northern Lights have always fascinated man and have been a source of inspiration to artists and scientists for decades.

Midnattsol i Lofoten

The midnight sun can be seen north of the Arctic Circle during all or part of the period between the spring equinox and the autumnal equinox.

Mørketid i Lofoten

The period of polar night is not just darkness, in fact all kinds of fascinating light phenomena may occur during this one month of the year.

Vinter i Lofoten

In many people’s opinion, Lofoten is at its most beautiful during the winter. They may have a point. The shining white Lofoten mountains, with fishing boats and the deep blue sea in the foreground, are a sight that makes an impression on all who see it.

Skjærgården i Lofoten

The Lofoten coastline consists of thousands of isles and skerries.