Vikten is a tiny village in Flakstad Municipality.

You will find Vikten on top of the eastern part of the Flakstad island at the end of road R811. Road R811, is part of the national tourist roads of Lofoten.

The Norwegian Sea has grind stones to beutiful sculptures, and the midnight sun colorizes the landscape in warm shades. The habitable stip between the sea and the mountain is very narrow, but the inhabitants of Vikten has manage to make use of every square meter in this otherwise harsh conditions.

Åsvar Tangrand started in 1976 with his glass blowing art, as one of the very first once in northern Norway. Today you will find several art attractions, as well as a nice cafe here.


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  • Residents: approx. 100 (2016)
  • Nearest village: Ramberg (17.1km)
  • Nearest Airport: Leknes (21km)
  • Access to Hurtigruten: Stamsund (3.4km)