Værøy is the second smallest municipalities in Lofoten, and is located at the tip of Lofoten area.

The mountains at Værøy have soft elongated lines and lie as a welcoming curved lane towards the great ocean beyond. The population has mainly settled in two settlements Nordland and Sørland - 90% of whom live in the town of Sørland. The road network in Værøy is about 22 km of paved road and very suitable for cycling.


One of the larger settlements Måstad, was vacated after the war and is today a popular outing destination. It is from this roadless settlement, the Norwegian Lundehund derived from. Værøy is best known for bird cliffs on the outside of Måstad Peninsula. There are large colonies of seabirds. In the so-called "lundeura" hatch thousands of puffins.

You'll find resturants, café, bar and grocery store in Værøy as in most of the villages in Lofoten.

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  • Residents: approx. 750 (2016)
  • Nearest towns: Leknes and Bodø
  • Nearest Airport: Norway's only regular helicopter route (to Bodø)
  • Access to Hurtigruten: Stamsund and Bodø
  • GPS: 67.666507 | 12.685778