The island of Røst - is a fishing and bird paradise in Lofoten.

The 365 islands of Røst are located about 100 km from the mainland (Lofoten) and about 25 km from the neighboring island Værøy. The highest point in the Røstland itself, where the vast majority of the rushes live, is only 11 m.o.h. The highest mountain in Røst is the large mountain that stretches 259 meters above sea level. Røst is well known for its rich breeding grounds for seabirds and spessially nest thousands of puffins per year on the mountains of Røst.


Every winter, during the lofotfishing, more than 100 tonnes of cod landed at the many fish farms in Røst. The export of fresh and dried fish to Europe is the largest industry. Sports fishermen have also discovered the fishing opportunities that many think are world-class.

In Røst you will find restaurants, health center, bank and mail, and daily helicopter flights to Bodø.

The people of Røst are known for their hospitality right back to 1432 when the Italian merchant Pietro Querini and his crew stranded at Røst. Today, visitors are well received by Røst, and more and more people want to experience this perlerade with islands furthest in the Lofoten Sea Gap.

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  • Residents: approx. 600 (2016)
  • Nearest town: Værøy (25km)
  • Nearest Airport: Røst Airport (1km)
  • Access to Hurtigruten: Bodø and Stamsund