Ramberg is the municipality in Flakstad, and is located at one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten.

In Ramberg you will find fish farms, tourist information, library, school, grocery store, gas station, car park, restaurant/bar and more. Ramberg is also one of the few bigger villages located on the west side of Lofoten, and is therefore a perfect spot for viewing and enjoying the midnight sun.


The artist Johs Røde's art gallery is located in Ramberg. The blacksmith in Sund, Glasshytta at Vikten and the protected fishing village Nusfjord, are all in close proximity to Ramberg.

Flakstads main industry is fishing. The fleet consists for the most part of smaller vessels. The largest fishing village is Napp. Agriculture is based on a combined use of fish and animal farming.


  • Residents: approx. 270 (2016)
  • Nearest town: Leknes (31km)
  • Nearest Airport: Leknes Airport (33km)
  • Access to Hurtigruten: Stamsund (49km)
  • GPS: N 68.527103 | E 13.1354592