Austre Vågan is located south in the rugged and migthy Raftsundet, where the Hurtigruten express route passes twice a day.

Approx. the 400 inhabitants have their own shop, music association, school and church, and can enjoy the view of the rugged mountain range along Raftsundet with famous mountains such as Store Trolltind and Rulten, Kjernadalen and of course; Trollfjorden, (where in 2016 many of the outdoor scene in the movie "Downsizing" - with actors Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz participated. The famous "battle of Trollfjorden" that took place in 1891, a clash between fishermen and buyers lead to major changes in the norwegian fisheries legislation. Several smaller glaciers are also found in the Raftsundet area.


The german Emperor Wilhelm saw some paintings on an exhibition in Berlin in 1869 that made him visit the Digermulen and Raftsundet area the following year. This visit, which received great attention, is said to be the start of tourism in Lofoten. The emperor himself was building a memorial to himself on Digermulkollen, the so-called Emperor's wall that still stands. Annually it is arranged for hiking up to the memorial. The poet and the author Sigurd Sivertsen were from the raft at Raftsundet and lived many years of their life in Digermulen.

At Pundslett just next to Digermulen is a larger fish farm. Pundslett Salmon / Nordlaks is the cornerstone in the village. Raftsundet is narrowest in Trangstraumen, where the sea is at its peak reaches a speed of 8 knots. To the east, Risvær, formerly a fishing village, has developed into a popular leisure area with about forty vacation homes. Just north of Risvær, in both Vågan and Lødingen Municipality, Svellingan, with its over three hundred islands and islets, is one of Norway's most beautiful archipelagos. To the west of Svellingan we find Storfjell which is also a popular leisure area.


  • Residents: approx. 375 (2016)
  • Nearest town: Svolvær (75km)
  • Nearest Airport: Svolvær (7km)
  • Access to Hurtigruten: Svolvær and Sortland