Henningsvær Bryggehotell

Henningsvær Bryggehotell, Hotell i Henningsvær havn Henningsvær Bryggehotell, Hotell i Henningsvær havn

The hotel that makes you part of Lofoten.

Henningsvær Pier Hotel offers ripples under floorboards and an outstanding view of the sea, the harbour and the landmark Vågakallen. The hotel blends in with other buildings, and makes you pretty quickly feel yourself as part of the Lofoten town Henningsvær.

Henningsvær Pier Hotel has 30 double rooms. We have meeting capacity of 150, can accommodate 100, and have high-class cuisine. Welcome to big adventures in Henningsvær.

All rooms are resting rooms All rooms have good beds, TV and private bathroom with shower and WC. Wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel.

In the very mouth of a fjord, there is a charming fishing village with 400 inhabitants. Behind the islets that make up Henningsvær, mighty mountains rise themselves up from salty waters of Lofoten. Here you will find small shops, workshops, galleries and eateries. And cheery residents.

Here you can see the midnight sun, northern lights, autumn storms and the finest summer days - depending on season and weather of the day. The scenery is beautiful, challenging and spirited. If you arrive during the fishing season, you will understand why Henningsvær is Henningsvær. Similar framework for courses and conferences you would search for long time.

Visit our restaurant «Den Blå Fisk» and enjoy a truly great meal based on fresh ingredients from the sea, while you enjoy the unique view of this ancient harbour in the heart of the archipelago and sip a glass of wine from the hotel's ample wine list.

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