Rafting on large rubber dinghies with a plastic hull (RIBs) has become an ever more popular pursuit in Lofoten, not least in conjunction with killer whale safaris.

The trips often take place in open waters and at high speed, and participants are therefore equipped with windproof floatation suits that keep the cold out.

Sitting in one of these boats is an adventure in itself. You are close to the water and in heavy seas from the south-west, participants have the distinct feeling of being at one with the elements. Or, as one participant put it, ”It’s like wearing the sea.”

Speed is also an important part. The biggest boats can reach speeds of about 50 knots, whereas normal cruising speed is about 30 knots, or a good 50 kilometers per hour.

In Lofoten today, there are a number of businesses offering rafting adventures. In addition to killer whale safaris, trips are arranged that allow passengers to see white-tailed eagles at close quarters. Excursions to the far side of the Lofoten Islands are also arranged, where passengers can enjoy the midnight sun, visit the vast seabird colonies, or go seal watching.


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