viking_museu_20151204-144320_1 - Museums in Lofoten

There are a number of museums in Lofoten, several of which are state-financed and offer excellent insight into the history of Lofoten and the Lofoten Fishery.

There are also several private museums covering a range of topics in conjunction with the history of Lofoten, like the war memorial museum in Svolvær, for instance.

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  • Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

    Welcome to Å, at the end of E10: the King Olav´s Road. Here you will find the picturesque Norwegian Fishing Village Museum.

  • Lofotakvariet

    At the Lofoten Aquarium you can learn about the Lofoten cod, also known as skrei: The east Atlantic cod which every winter migrate from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn.

  • Lofotmuseet

    Experience the history of the Lofoten Fishery at one of the best preserved squires in Lofoten.