Lofoten offers great scope for both easy walks and more challenging hikes.

Lofoten is more vertical than horizontal, and the many wild and wonderful mountains often stand with their feet in the sea. But in Lofoten’s mountain world we also find areas that are more reminiscent of the inland regions, where you walk more than you climb.

Some of the more popular summer walks include the stretches from Haugen to Svolvær, from Valberg to Hagskaret, from Sørvågen to Munkebu and from Nordland to Måstad on the island of Værøy. Among the exceptionally beautiful summits, we might mention Store Trolltind, Geitgaljartind, Hermannsdalstind and Helvetestind. These may be rather open to the elements, but are well within reach for anyone with a little experience of mountains and heights. Lofoten’s tallest mountain, Higravtind, also belongs in this category.

The Lofoten mountains also offer great scope for skiing. When it comes to breathtaking views and topographical diversity, the route from Svolvær to Kabelvåg, known locally as Småtindan (the small peaks) is without doubt one of the most wonderful skiing routes in Norway. A little more demanding, but even more spectacular, is the route from Kudalen near Laukvik via Rundtind and down to Svolværmarka. Further west, the area between Borg, Valberg and Leknes is a worthy candidate as are the mountains around Munkebu Cabin in Moskenes.

There is indeed plenty of scope here, and a wealth of great adventures awaits those who enjoy spending time in the mountains. As may any number of unwanted challenges if you do not proceed with caution. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it is a good idea to talk to the locals before heading off into this extremely beautiful and spectacular mountain world.