Along the Lofoten islands, beneath the sea’s surface, we find a fantastic underwater flora and fauna with kelp forests and steep, colourful rock walls covered with anemones.

Shoals of cod and saithe are a common sight. On the seabed there are monkfish and wolf fish, stone crabs, flounders, scallops and colourful snails, to mention but a few. And in addition to this, there are many fascinating shipwrecks to explore.

On its way north the Gulf Stream incessantly pumps pure Atlantic water past the Lofoten Islands, ensuring an abundance of marine life.

Current Diving

There are current diving opportunities in Lofoten that can be compared to those in Saltstraumen. Whether you dive in the extremely narrow Raftsundet or the open sea in the Maelstrom, you will get top speed dives. The Maelstrom is known as one of the world’s strongest tidal currents, and a certain degree of diving experience is essential before attempting to dive in this area.


Wreck Diving

In Lofoten, you can dive down to a range of exciting wrecks including war ships, freighters and sunken Coastal Voyage liners. There are also more recent wrecks within reach, such as the Icelandic trawler ”Gudrun Gísladottír” that went down in the Nappstraumen strait in summer 2002.

Another of the wrecks within reach is the old Coastal Voyage vessel “Nordstjernen” that went down in the Raftsundet strait under dramatic circumstances in autumn 1954.