Lofoten is ideal for cycling. Many people start in Svolvær and work their way westwards, and for many cyclists, the journey isn’t over until they reach Å.

The distance from Svolvær to Å is about 140 km. The trip takes you through idyllic fishing villages and towns. A detour to Henningsvær, one of the more unique fishing villages, is recommended, as is a visit to Nusfjord in the borough of Flakstad.

If dragging your bike all the way to Lofoten seems cumbersome to you, you will be happy to know that there are several bicycle rentals in Lofoten. These businesses can also recommend daily stretches, good roads for cycling on, and overnight accommodations.

Lofoten does not normally offer long, hot summer months, so you should therefore be prepared for everything form headwind and tailwind to sunshine, mist and rain, all on the same trip. An adventure in its own right!

The roads in Lofoten meander along the shoreline. For this reason, you avoid tiring mountain passes. The highest “mountain pass” you will encounter is 150 metres above sea level. Against a backdrop of roaring waves, white beaches, the salty smell of the sea, stockfish, midnight sun and the cry of gulls, you are guaranteed a ride full of adventure.

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    If you want to experience the nature and show of colours of the Lofoten Islands to its full depth, we recommend a bike ride.