Telecom Museum, Sørvågen

Telecom Museum, Sørvågen Telecom Museum, Sørvågen

Why did the first morse code signal in Northern Europe emanate from the telegraph station in Sorvagen, far west of Lofoten, in 1906?

The telegraph was developed as early as 1861, with Sorvagen as the terminus. Why? And where were these signals sent? To which ship was the same wireless message sent in 1908? The Norwegian Telecom Museum at Sorvagen provides answers to these and many other questions. The museum houses beautiful exhibits that appeal to many age groups and interests, and a rich collection of newer and older pieces related to the topic. The information is visual and funny. Check out the exhibition of mobile phones and compare your own with the 1973 edition – there’s quite a difference!

There are not only phones and old switchboards, but also a good explanation as to why Lofoten and Sorvagen were among the first to adopt modern technology.

Opening hours

  • May 2–June 19: Mon–Fri 11am–4pm*
  • June 20–August 20: Mon–Sat 11am–5pm
  • August 21–August 31: Mon–Fri 11am–4pm
  • *May 17 closed


  • Adults 40 NOK
  • Students/children 20 NOK
  • Children 0–10 years free

Additional Info

  • Visiting address: Å i Lofoten (Å in Lofoten)
  • Phone: +47 76 09 14 88 / +47 994 23 545
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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