Join the M/S Øysprinten and experience the beautiful contrast between endless seas, steep mountains and a myriad of islets, islands and sheaves along the southern side of the Lofoten mountains

Is it a hassle to bring your own skis on trains, boats and planes?

To paddle sea kayak is the fantastic way to experience the alpine archipelago Lofoten and its unique flora and fauna on.

In the mountains of Lofoten it´s not always easy to recognize the difference between a hiking path and the sheep trails.

Experience Lofoten from its best side in your own boat!

The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years.

Welcome to Lofoten and to our great restaurant Du Verden!

Du Verden is an elegant and informal restaurant house on the harbor promenade in Svolvær.

Our first floor restaurant focuses on the informal and rustic framed in exciting architecture. From the second floor we have Svolvær's best view.

Our outdoor seating is the place for you who never gets enough of the summer! Du Verden has Lofoten's largest outdoor seating and certainly best-visited summer dining. We serve you the sea's delights - in stunning surroundings in the inner harbor of Svolvær. We are an equally natural choice for friends and business dinners, like when you have something to celebrate.

Welcome inside!

After a stint at sea or a walk in our majestic scenery, we recommend a visit to our special eateries, Karoline Restaurant or Oriana Kro inn.

At the campsite at Sandsletta Camping, the local restaurant can offer a light lunch, a cup of coffee/tea.. freshly baked cake, or a good meal/dinner. Welcome to a great experience, a rest in the day..... to a place with soul.

Breakfast is served in Vestfjord Hotel’s restaurant, which overlooks Svolvær Harbour.

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