Activities and adventures in Lofoten.


Experiencing Lofoten through the bus window is for many a great experience in majestic nature.

There is a 9 hole golf course in Lofoten, set in scenic seaside surroundings. In the summer, you can play golf all day and all night long.

For the most part Lofoten consists of steep, precipitous mountains, and at first look conditions may seem poorly suited to skiing. But the truth is, Lofoten does in fact offer great scope for it.

Do you wish to experience Lofoten on your own? Renting a car could be a good idea!

There are a number of museums in Lofoten, several of which are state-financed and offer excellent insight into the history of Lofoten and the Lofoten Fishery.

Do you wish to explore the sea by yourself? There are plenty of rentalcompanies and accomodations that do boat rentals in a variety of sizes.

There are many galleries in Lofoten with high quality content and a wide range of subjects. Art enthusiasts have, for instance, the opportunity of reliving the Golden Age of pictorial art, i.e. the period between 1880 and 1930.

Rafting on large rubber dinghies with a plastic hull (RIBs) has become an ever more popular pursuit in Lofoten, not least in conjunction with killer whale safaris.

Lofoten is ideal for cycling. Many people start in Svolvær and work their way westwards, and for many cyclists, the journey isn’t over until they reach Å.

Lofoten is renowned for the Lofoten Fishery and the Norwegian Arctic cod, but it is so much more to those who love fishing. Here you will find excellent scope for fishing a number of different species, both at sea and in the mountains.

Lofoten offers great scope for both easy walks and more challenging hikes.


Today, Lofoten is considered one of the world’s most interesting areas when it comes to mountaineering. All of the summits have been conquered from one or more sides and route descriptions are available for most of them.

Havkajakk i Lofoten

The waters around Lofoten are sheltered and full of isles and skerries, and in many places they offer perfect conditions for kayaking.

Dykking i Lofoten

Along the Lofoten islands, beneath the sea’s surface, we find a fantastic underwater flora and fauna with kelp forests and steep, colourful rock walls covered with anemones.

Havørn/ fuglesafari

Bird life in Lofoten is among the most abundant in Norway. Particularly impressive are the vast seabird colonies on the islands of Værøy and Røst, but in other parts of Lofoten, too, you will find many interesting locations well-suited to the study birds.

During the summer, daily boat tours to some of the best known attractions in Lofoten are arranged from several venues. Among the most popular are the Raftsundet strait and the Trollfjord, which is known for its wild scenery and fascinating history, including the famous Battle of Trollfjord.

What could be a more natural venue for an aquarium than Lofoten, where fishing has always been the most important livelihood?