Lofoten Arctic Henningsvær Hotel

Lofoten Arctic Hotel Skata - Overnatting Lofoten Arctic Hotel Skata - Overnatting

Enjoy a stay at the old fish landing station which has now become a hotel.

We have maintained the old quayside warehouse style outside, to give our guests an authentic Lofoten experience. Here you can wake up and see the sea, mountains, fisherman’s cabins and fish racks from every room.

In winter you can see the fishing boats chugging past on their way to a hard day’s work out on the fishing grounds, or returning to the quayside to deliver the day’s catch.


Lofoten Arctic Henningsvær Hotels are situated in the world’s most famous fishing village, Henningsvær, where we have one hotel on the quayside and one in the heart of Henningsvær town centre.

Both our hotels display a charming combination of old and new styles. From our restaurant on the quayside your proximity to, and view of, the sea and surrounding countryside is so sublime that words fail, it simply has to be experienced.